Saturday, 3 June 2017

Dream that did not let us sleep and pushed me for the Hard work- It's a Platform, it's Dealsbrick

A journey which is still running with an old pace but having a never say die spirit. Unable to say whether it is inspirational or not but yes, we can learn from anything. Maybe this story helps anyone who has good potential and some dreams.

Each time we tried to get up from a deep down stage, something came up to pull me back. Still, it is our hope or I would say it's our passion that's why we don't give up.  We have seen several downsides in our business life which seems to be the reason that now we don't want to get back.

We started as a computer hardware repairing team when we were in  11th class. It was like a dream at that time to use a computer. The laptop was a dream at that time for millions. I wish we could bring those old days back. However, we tried to make something better for my future at that time. We though it's better to have some earning besides studies in our life. At that time, our priority was money, not people or relations. However, we learned that we must prioritize people and relationship with them to have a good business.
Our Moto: Dealsbrick wants Young Generation to get the trendy fashion looks at the lowest cost in India. Whether it's clothing, footwear or accessories.  
It was not hard work but the pressure of getting bad future which helped me forcing myself to complete my studies. It was so boring and I was tired at that time as well. 
After working for 7 years in BPO and then 1 year in the Real estate sector, Dinesh and Rohit started their own startup. It is a website to offer clothing and accessory products at low cost for Indian users. We tried to provide best services. We try to use all of our 7 years of BPO where we worked for online sales support and Customer Service. We know that a customer can help you the most. We have different segments to sell products online as t-shirts for men, Sweatshirts, Jogger pants, Sneakers, Sports shoes for men, casual shoes and formal shoes. I just have these categories with a few sellers as I don't have a good amount to use for my business. However, I think God helps for them who don't loose hope. I hope God will surely help me one day and give me a big amount to make a boom to my business online. The website offers several discounts and offers to avail so that our Indian youth could get the items at low cost than markets.  

We are working on different categories for Young Generation of India as T-shirts, Casual Shoes, Sports Shoes (Columbus shoes, Sparx shoes, Branded shoes), Sweatshirts, Jogger pants, Phone covers and more. 

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